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For several years, nobody had a clue about Paris Jackson. All they were aware of was that she is the most famous late singer Michael Jackson’s only daughter.

The fact that no one knew about her, especially the paparazzi was because she was mostly kept incognito. As a child, all she was ever seen as in public was a young girl in costumes. Or her face was mostly covered and wrapped in scarves.

Till the age of eleven, this young girl was never to be seen on social media, until her father’s death after 2009. That is when she was seen saying a few words during her father’s memorial service, which was screened on television. She said that since the time she had been born, her daddy had been the best father any girl could have imagined. She further professed her love for him, saying that she loves him very much.

Indeed, it must have been a very sad and traumatizing moment for the young one.

Jackson is now nineteen years old. She is expressive, courageous and outspoken. She is using her sense of fashion and attitude to make a difference in the world.

Paris Jackson Net Worth

Surely every one of Paris Jackson’s fan would want to know what her net worth is. It is because she is not an ordinary person. She is Michael Jackson’s daughter, which makes her very intriguing on its own. Well, to keep things simple, we will not drag the suspense a lot. Paris Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be $100 Million.

Her only source of income is not her father’s properties and inheritance. She works as a professional model and has debuted in several movies, which are also one of her sources of income. But the fact that most of her income is what her father left for his children cannot be denied. All her siblings have inherited a fortune, which makes it obvious that she must have as well. So, it can be claimed that she has a good net worth too.

Despite being Michael Jackson’s second child, she has had a very difficult childhood. She had to be in disguise most of the time, so she could be saved from the eyes of the paparazzi. They followed her everywhere, just like the plague.

Paris Jackson Age and Bio

Paris was born on the 3rd of April 1998, to Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, who was his distanced lover. From what has been told by the Rolling Stone, Paris spent seven years of her early childhood in Neverland, 2700 acres Ranch in Los Olivos, California.

During the year 2017, it had been reported that the nineteen-year-old model has moved to Los Angeles, California. It is assumed that she lives in her family’s former private studio. However, she has revamped it according to her own likes, into a dorm-like a bedroom.

Just like many of us, Jackson loves animals. She is a proud owner of Koa, who is a cross-breed dog and Kenya, who is a Labrador. Kenya was given to her as a gift by her dad, to her and her siblings.

Apparent from her social media news feeds, she loves outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing trees, and strolling through the tall grass. She appreciates all of such activities.

Looking at her, it is obvious that she is fond of tattoos as well. She has also mentioned in an interview that nine out of all her tattoos are dedicated to her late father Michael Jackson.

She leads a life that supports spirituality and believes in the healing powers of gemstones and crystals. She also believes in channeling positive energy through meditation.

Paris Jackson Family

The family is of immense importance to Paris Jackson. Before she moved out, she shared a mansion with her beloved paternal grandmother Katherine Jackson. It was located in Calabasas, California, occupied by not just the two of them, but also her extended family members as well.

She was the middle child of the family, with two other siblings. One younger and one older. She called her father dad. However, according to E-news, Jackson is currently living alone but her relationship with her family is still strong. Although both her brothers Prince, 20 and Prince 2, also known as Blanket, 15 prefer a private life, avoiding the spotlight of the public.

Moreover, Jackson has a lot of friends as well. It is obvious from her social media feeds that she loves hanging out with them, just like everyone else who is not a part of the showbiz world.

Paris Jackson’s Ex-Boyfriend

According to sources, Jackson ended her relationship with her boyfriend Michael Snoddy within less than a year. But you never know what the future might be holding for the two of them, changing the situation and getting them back together. They are young and in love, which can change their breakup into a patch-up as well.

While the two of them were together, they never hesitated to display their love in front of the public. PDA alert! She even posted a picture of the two making out on her eighteenth birthday.

The two loved exploring the world and vacationing together. From what was portrayed on their snapshot and Instagram accounts, it seemed as if the two were madly in love.

The two even visited Jackson’s former home, reminiscing memories with each other.

Moreover, the breakup was first reported by Radar Online.

Paris Jackson Career

Jackson is going to appear as Rachel Well’s on Lee Daniel’s Fox music Drama Star. The character she is playing is of a young, enthusiastic girl, who is stylish, chic, and a social media guru.

Just like her father, Jackson knows how to play some of the instruments, which also include the acoustic version of a guitar. She also writes and composed lyrics of her own and sings them too. Although she has said in several interviews that she is not sure if she wants to pursue her career as a musician.

Moreover, it is apparent from her social media bio that she has signed up for WME-IMG. It is a talent agency that specializes in sports, entertainment, and fashion. She has also starred on several magazine covers such as Vogue Australia, Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, and i-D Magazine.

Jackson also plays her role as an activist. She realizes the fact that she was born on a royal platform of music, belonging to a family of musicians. She speaks about topics of injustice and aims to support all such efforts that involve fixing them, just like her father.

In August, she went against her script during an award show in support of the Nazi, white supremacist jerks. She spoke in front of the nation with a powerful message, saying that they have no tolerance for hatred, violence, and discrimination. She said that all such acts must be resisted.

She also protests with active groups to eliminate pollution.

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