Making Cable TV Subscription in Nigeria as Easy as ABC


What could be more interesting than an online service that serves as a reliable intermediary between a customer and their preferred cable TV providers in Nigeria? Your guess is as good as ours, and the answer is nothing!

Customers who crave for the best cable TV providers in Nigeria can take advantage of the offers we have available for the most prominent cable TV networks in Nigeria like Multichoice’s DSTV, TSTV, CTL, Startimes, and GOTV.

At 85kobo, we’ve gone miles better by providing this service through which we can make payments for the aforementioned networks and others on your behalf, while you’re at the comfort of your homes and just order the TV remotes around by pressing on the buttons.

The biggest of the lot which has been mentioned is arguably DSTV and can offer you unlimited and reliable access to all DSTV subscription packages and popular GOTV subscription plans that will suit your needs.

If you’ve always fallen prey to the challenge of how to activate DSTV subscription after payment, then it’s advisable for you to patronize us and get your money’s worth in utility when it comes to enjoying the best of DSTV subscription packages and DSTV subscription plans.

With, you’re guaranteed that the question of how to activate DSTV subscription after payment is not a challenge.

With us, you’ll also enjoy the significant ease in carrying out transactions on GOTV subscription plans, CTL subscription plans, access to TSTV Nigeria, and the ever-popular Startimes subscription plans.

We want you to access these services without any major hassles. All you have to do is reach out to us, make your demands, meet our affordable charges and you are as good as done.

Take advantage of the access we grant you to the renowned cheapest cable TV in Nigeria. We guarantee you unfettered access to the reliable cable TV providers in Nigeria, and all this, from your own convenience.

85Kobo believes that customers are always right the majority of the time and we also believe in the ideology of delivering quality service to your doorsteps.

Those who have tried us have never had any cause for concern or worry. They’ve never had any cause to contact the customer care departments of these cable TV providers in Nigeria. They just reach out to us, and we take it up from there with a 100% success rate.

We also offer the service of recommending the best new cable TV in Nigeria. We also recommend the list of cable TV in Nigeria that’ll suit your needs. There is a popular saying; different strokes for different folks! This saying is also applicable to the craving for TV entertainment in Nigeria.

We have children, fathers, mothers as well as the youth. It’s a no-brainer that these audiences have an entertainment niche that tickles their fancy.

A significant number of the female folks are drawn towards romantic movies and Telenovelas, and these are made available by the cable TV providers in Nigeria.

Children are interested in cartoons while the men are interested in football with more emphasis on the English Premier League. When you contact us, we make sure we ascertain what tickles your fancy before we go all out and analyze the list of cable tv in Nigeria that’ll meet your needs.

That’s one of the major reasons why you’ll get your money’s worth with us. We’ve seen folks who patronize a particular cable TV only to make complaints that the channels available don’t meet their demands.

With us, you’ll avoid this, and it is another major benefit of patronizing our TV subscription and Gotv subscription services.

Join us today and derive maximum utility from the TV subscription services we have on offer. Whether DSTV? TSTV? Startimes? GOTV? CTL? We’ll meet your demands!

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