What is a face snorkel?


A face snorkel mask allows you to get a better and comfortable swim underwater. If you are crazy about exploring unseen underwater creatures, then you must go snorkeling. It is also one of a preferable activity by the tourists. People who come from dry areas, wish to go underwater and enjoy the cold water. They are keen to learn about the underwater creatures and see all the beauty that they cannot see from above the surface. There are a lot of accessories that are prescribed for the people who are planning to go snorkeling. Snorkelers must have a swimsuit, the right paddles, and a snorkeling mask.

The face snorkel is a mask that you have to wear on your face like the oxygen mask while you are going snorkeling. Snorkeling is a great activity. It teaches you a lot about the beauty underwater. You will experience that just like there are loads of creature above the water, there are millions of creatures underwater. It is just like a small world. We humans are not used to living underwater, which is why it is impossible for us to breathe in water. So, there are tools to help us; just like a face snorkel.

Types of face snorkel

There are two types of face snorkels;

  • Half face snorkel
  • Full face snorkel

Those who have a fear of getting suffocated by a full face mask go for the conventional half face snorkel mask, while the others prefer the more advanced type of the face snorkel.

The function of a face snorkel is to let the swimmer breathe comfortable underwater without the fear of having a gag reflex. The modern face snorkel masks are tubeless which means that there is no need to hold a tube in your mouth for as long as you are underwater. It is a safety tool, so you do not take in any salty sea water. You have to be well-equipped before you go for an out of routine experience; same is the case with snorkeling. You cannot have a safe and comfortable experience without the right tools, so get yourself a face snorkel and then plan a day in the water with friends and family.

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