RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #2 Digital Download
RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #2 Digital Download

RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #2 Digital Download

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This jam-packed edition of RETRO Videogame Magazine really packs a punch as we cover River City Ransom: Underground and deliver an inside look at this 8-bit beat-em-up's blistering comeback! Plus, industry icon Ed Fries discusses his storied career, we explore the art of Atari, and we take you inside the Videogame History Museum to visit one insane gaming collection. Print editions are completely sold out, but you can download your digital copy TODAY!



  • Reader Mail – Readers react to the premier issue of RETRO and more in this edition of RETRO Responds.
  • Nuts and Volts – Scott gets into building arcade cabinets, fixing PS3s, and more.
  • Links We Like – Check out some of our favorite Internet waypoints.
  • Gamerspots – William Culver finds some new spots you need to visit.
  • GameGavel Digest – Get the latest info on RETRO’s official gaming auction house,


  • ToeJam & Earl Live...Sorta – An old dev kit unveils new revelations about the Dreamcast game that almost was.
  • PlayStation Now Loading – Sony preps their classic library as the gaming subscription service readies for launch.
  • Homebrew Hits – Michael Thomasson dishes the latest on the homebrew scene.
  • Fear the Fury – What the world needs now is zany ‘80s action.
  • Losing a Legend – RETRO notes the passing of a Sega art legend.
  • Asia Beat – What’s new in the Far East? Kat Bailey is on the case!
  • The U.K. Minute – Mike James is back with all the fish, chips, and newsy bits you can handle.
  • Arcade USA – William Culver takes a look at some record-breaking performances and some new machines headed our way.
  • Balls of Steele – Kevin Steele catches up on the latest and greatest in the wild world of pins.
  • The Schwag Bag – Tunes, T-shirts, and tiny consoles galore in this month’s Schwag. Get some!


  • Industry Icon – We chat with Ed Fries about how he got his start, why he left Microsoft, and the work he’s doing on the Atari 2600.
  • RETRO High 5 – Luke sounds off on new-school gaming trends that make his inner child cringe.
  • River City Ransom: Underground – Get an inside look at this 8-bit beat-em- up’s blistering comeback.
  • RETROspective – Join us for a look at one of the weirdest, deepest sports strategy titles ever made in Crush Delxue!
  • The Art of Atari – We take a look back at how marketing magic helped make one of gaming’s true trailblazers a household name.
  • Ring Leaders – Patrick Scott Patterson jumps into the squared circle to take a look at wrestling’s founding fathers.


  • A Tasty Timewarp – Lorne Lanning unleashes pointed opinions on why the upcoming Oddworld doesn’t need a reboot.
  • Cartoon Violence – Can Studio MDHR blend a tasty brew of shmup and fighter in Cuphead?
  • Going Long – After a failed Kickstarter, the Mutant Football League tries to rally for a late victory.
  • Kickstarter Corner – From alien escape artists to beardtastic perv pummelers, this installment of KS Corner has it all.


  • Latest Release – We dig into Broken Age, Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave, and Capcom’s reboot of Strider.
  • Retro Reviews – Do Kolibri, Blazing Lazers, and Zombies Ate My Nieghbors stand the test of time?

RETRO ReCollection

  • Insane Game Collection – The folks at the Videogame History Museum know a thing or two about massive collections. Learn how they built theirs.
  • Collect-a-thon – Chris Kohler continues his Nintendo kick with a look at the best of the SNES.
  • RETRO Rarities – Jeremy Parish takes a look back at Dracula X: Rondo of Blood for the PC Engine Super CD.


  • Primal Soup by Jeremy Parish
  • Retro Regrets by David Giltinan
  • Conventional Wisdom by Kevin Baird
  • Seanbaby vs. The World by Seanbaby
  • NES Nation by Pat Contri
  • Dev-olution by Andy Eddy
  • Experience Points by Scott Johnson

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