RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #11 Digital Download (FREE ISSUE)
RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #11 Digital Download (FREE ISSUE)

RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #11 Digital Download (FREE ISSUE)

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Tune up your ocarina and sharpen your Master Sword. RETRO's 11th issue packs in more retrospectives and special features than ever before, underscored by an 11-page reflection on the rich history of Nintendo's groundbreaking The Legend of Zelda franchise. Plus, see how RPGs and action-adventures evolved pre-Zelda, discover why FromSoftware's devious Dark Souls series carries the torch (blue candle) that the original Zelda lit, visit the set of New Line's first Mortal Kombat movie alongside veteran games journo Andy Eddy, think about how video games have influenced the way you think, and much more.






8 Precambrian Swordplay

Learn how action-adventures worked before Link found a wooden sword in a cave.


20 The Legend of Zelda

From holes in the ground to Skyward Swords, RETRO revisits every major console installment in the Zelda series.


49 Secret of Evermore

Could Secret of Evermore be the best RPG on SNES?


55 FromSoftware From Japan

The Japanese studio best known for Dark Souls has been making gamers throw their controllers for decades.


66 Quintet RPGs

Dust off your SNES and learn the storied history of Quintet's beloved RPGs.


Special Features


09 Book Excerpt: Untold History of Japanese Games, Vol. II

You can't spell "JRPG" without "Ys."


14 Book Excerpt: Top 100 Console Games: 1977-1987

Brett Weiss explains why The Legend of Zelda stands in the pantheon of retro games.


41 Discovering Worlds

How Zelda and world travels inspired one writer to appreciate discovering new worlds


62 Bouncer: Part 2

We delve deeper into the lost history of the Bouncer coin-op game.




06 Global Gamer Japan

" Kachō on!" Learn the story behind Japan's #1 retro-gaming show.


07 Being and Bytes

RETRO's resident philosopher talks finding meaning in the meaningless worlds of Dark Souls and Zelda: Majora's Mask.


34 Rarities Report: Zelda CD-i Games

The worst Zelda games are also the priciest.


58 "Videogames Changed How I Think"

Far from rotting brain cells, videogames imparted life skills to one RETRO columnist.


62 Proving Ground: Risen

A fortuitous shipwreck onto a mysterious island leads to a memorable tale of survival.


72 BackStories: On the Set of Mortal Kombat

Cine-mality! Andy Eddy reflects on his visit to the set of New Line's Mortal Kombat feature film.


78 From the Desk of the Commissioner

RETRO's commish shares his three golden rules for enjoying Zelda games.




39 Spiritus Games

Once upon a time, the founders of indie dev Spiritus Games talked to RETRO about their upcoming roguelike/fable-inspired action-RPG, Fabular.


51 Greydon Clark

Director/producer Greydon Clark talks about "Joysticks" and his prodigious background in film.


Quick Reads


12 Zelda Merch

The food, figures, and desperate attempts at kisses spawned by Nintendo's action-adventure classic.


16 Remaking Ocarina of Time

We make the case for and against remaking one of the greatest games of all time (again).


18 Swords and Boards and Bumpers

RPGs, action-adventures, and other fantastical genres reimagined as pinball tables.


32 Book Review: The Complete NES: Officially Licensed US Releases

Does Jeffrey Wittenhagen's pricey tome deserve a spot in your NES collection?


33 Neu-Zelda

A look back at Neutopia, TurboGrafx-16's answer to Zelda.


37 A Link to the Past Between Worlds

Does the 3DS's spiritual sequel to an SNES classic keep the magic alive?


43 The Darksiders Series

How a comic book artist and Vigil Games changed action games forever.


47 Preview: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games takes aim at the future by looking to the past.


48 Tri Force Blunders

Nintendo's attempt to create a multiplayer-focused Zelda adventure falls short.


53 Link's Awakening

The worst prince ever helped to create the best portable Zelda.


60 Bastion

Supergiant Games put itself on the map with this colorful and ever-changing adventure.


61 Dark Souls: A Link to the Past

From Software's masterpiece proves that the original Zelda's formula still has its old magic.


64 Beyond Good & Evil

Is Beyond Good & Evil the most unique Zelda-like ever made?


65 Guest Review: Void & Meddler

Void & Meddler offers a unique concept with spotty execution.


77 Boulder Dash on Intellivision

How Boulder Dash made its way to Intellivision — in 2015.

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