RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #4 Digital Download (FREE ISSUE)
RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #4 Digital Download (FREE ISSUE)

RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #4 Digital Download (FREE ISSUE)

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Jump into this platform-themed edition of RETRO Videogame Magazine as we break down the best platformers to every grace the gaming landscape! From Crash Bandicoot to Super Mario 64, Sonic the Hedgehog, Banjo-Kazooie, this is one edition of RETRO that platforming fans simply don't want to miss. Plus, Andy Eddy goes one-on-one with legendary game designer Cliff Bleszinski, we discuss the early days of Atari with David Crane and Garry Kitchen, Chris Kohler takes on the monumental task of collecting every Mario game and so much more! Print and digital editions are still available, so order yours right here, right now!


  • RETRO Responds – Readers pose a long- standing cover art mystery, request more metroidvania, and share a cool board game with us.
  • Bumbling Bonk – Robert Workman takes a look at the ill-fated comeback of the former TurboGrafx superstar.
  • Coin-Operated – Kevin goes Pac-Man crazy in this installment of CO.
  • Balls of Steele – We take a look back at the life and works of pinball legend Python Angelo.
  • Game Gavel Digest – Check out more hot auctions from RETRO’s official gaming auction house,

  • The Schwag Bag – USB sentry turrets, God of War cutlery, and an evil radio-controlled Luigi kart? Oh, yes.
  • RETRO High 5 – Luke explores how platformers defined an era.
  • Dev-olution – Andy Eddy gets up close and personal with Dude Huge, Cliff Bleszenski.
  • Potent Portables – PSP takes a look at some of the best platformers mobile gaming has to offer.
  • Primal Soup – Jeremy Parish examines the struggle between authenticity and artistry for modern-day pixel pushers.

  • Industry Icon – We chat with David Crane and Garry Kitchen about the early days of Activision, platform gaming, and more.
  • RETROspective – James Paton grants a Kickstarter wish and dissects Snatcher, the revered but lesser-known Kojima classic.
  • RETROspective – Alexandra Hall dons her robotic bunny suit and dishes on why Jumping Flash! 2 still makes her heart hop.
  • RETRO’s Top 20 Platformers – Guest editor Dave Halverson gives us his take on the best platformers to ever grace the gaming landscape.

  • An Arcade Homage – Indie dev Pascal Cammisotto shares details on his upcoming take on Metroidvania, CoinOp Story.
  • Diving Into the Depths – Discord Games’ James Petruzzi discusses player choice, atmosphere, and the challenges of crafting their modern-day retro title, Chasm.
  • Cookie Quest – Green Lava’s Eduardo Ramírez talks difficulty, baked goods, and building Fenix Rage on a budget.
  • Retro Roots – Developer Blaise Sanecki talks about the influences and aesthetic choices that are fueling his team’s upcoming pixel-powered adventure, The Way.

  • Latest Releases – We take the leap with Shovel Knight, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!, Guacamelee!, and more.
  • Retro Reviews – Do Space Panic, Kid Niki, and Black Tiger still make us jump for joy?

RETRO ReCollection
  • Insane Game Collection – Get a look at one of gaming’s most impressive portable collections courtesy of The Handheld Museum’s Rik Morgan.
  • Collect-a-Thon! – Chris Kohler highlights the key keepers in the TurboGrafx-16 library.
  • Mario Madness – We’ve all played a Mario game or three in our lives, but Chris points out that finding and owning all of them is tougher than you’d think.
  • RETRO Rarities – Jeremy Parish shows he’s got the ledge-leaping love with a look back at Little Samson.

  • NES Nation by Pat Contri
  • Conventional Wisdom by Kevin Baird
  • Seanbaby vs. The World by Seanbaby
  • Experience Points by Scott Johnson

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