RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #5 Digital Download
RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #5 Digital Download

RETRO Videogame Magazine - Issue #5 Digital Download

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We're morphing our coverage into all things Metroidvania in this powered-up edition of RETRO Videogame Magazine! In it, Tom Happ talks about his Metroid-inspired title Axiom Verge, Chris Kohler cracks the whip for those collecting Castlevania, and we take a philosophical look at the impact of Super Metroid. Plus, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Donkey Kong Country, an examination of one of the most influential yet under-appreciated titles M.U.L.E., and a rare look at Sunsoft's Trip World. Prints are completely sold out, but you can download your digital edition RIGHT NOW!


  • RETRO Responds – RETROheads share terrible comics, call us out on the importance of PC games, and ponder an all-FMV future.
  • Rise From Your Grave – Chris Ainsworth makes his RETRO debut with advice on the hardware hacker’s must-have tools.
  • Arcade Archives – Join us on a deep dive into the heyday of American Laser Games.
  • Silverball Spotlight – Preston Burt offers advice to first-time pinball purchasers.
  • Homebrew Heaven – Michael Thomasson delivers breaking news on the return of Ralph Baer Pinball.

  • The Schwag Bag – What do you get when you mix a dose of Donkey Kong goodies with a pairing of Pac-Man-themed paraphernalia? Find out here!
  • RETRO High 5 – Luke gives his thoughts on why the resurrection of retro rules!
  • All About the Art – Publisher Mike Kennedy chats with Synapse Software’s cover image champion, Tim Boxell.
  • Primal Soup – ‘Tis the season for giving, but Jeremy Parish isn’t sure if gaming agrees.

  • The Making Of... – David L. Craddock examines what made gamers go bananas for Donkey Kong Country.
  • RETROspective – Marty Goldberg takes a look at one of gaming’s most influential yet underappreciated titles, M.U.L.E.
  • RETROspective – Brady Fiechter waxes philosophical about the impact and ambiance of Super Metroid.
  • The Ultimate Homage – RETRO takes a look at why Ultimate NES Remix might be the perfect bridge between Nintendo’s past and the present.
  • A Rivalry Returns – The original “Big 3” are back at it thanks to an AtGames hardware revival.
  • Axiom Verge – Tom Happ spent the last five years trying to make the next great Metroidvainia game.

  • The Time is Now – After getting his fill of AA development, Lunar Ray Games’ Bodie Lee is taking the indie plunge with Timespinner.
  • Oozing with Potential – Can a WayForward/TMNT team-up result in a top-shelf outing for everyone’s favorite turtles?
  • A Walk on the Weird Side – What do you get when you mix Castlevania, Dark Souls, and the unique, haunting style of a James Silva slasher? Salt and Sanctuary, that’s what.

  • Latest Releases – We cross swords with Pier Solar HD, Gauntlet, Hack ‘n’ Slash and more.
  • Retro Reviews – Karnov, Prehistoric Isle 2, and Destruction Derby all get a second chance with RETRO reviewers.

RETRO ReCollection
  • Insane Game Collection – Gain knowledge while you game with the Strong Museum of Play and their whopping collection of interactive oddities.
  • Collect-a-Thon! – Chris Kohler can’t quit carts, so he’s back with highlights from another notable Nintendo library, the N64’s.
  • Collecting Castlevania – Chris drops in another guide to gathering games, with a focus on Konami’s bat-bashing franchise.
  • RETRO Rarities – Jeremy Parish takes a journey to the pixelated planet of Sunsoft’s Trip World.

  • NES Nation by Pat Contri
  • Conventional Wisdom by Kevin Baird
  • Seanbaby vs. The World by Seanbaby
  • Experience Points by Scott Johnson

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